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Lead Generation

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At LeadMarket we help our clients overcome the market challenges, by implementing tailored solutions. We are a Lead Generation company with experience in Portugal and Spain. 

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Qualified leads generation through Teleprospecting / Telemarketing

Lead generation through digital media. From the develop of landing pages until online campaigns.

Partner recruitment and activation with experience on the market.

Registrations generation and/or event organization. We will be with you from the begging till the end of the event.

Grow your Business Opportunities

Through our database we are able to act as a bridge between your product or service and the real potencial buyers or partners. Generate potential leads with us.

Grow your Online Traffic

Attract new customers to your website, or social media, by implementing digital marketing campaigns that meet the essence of your company. Generate leads through the digital age.

Have a Successful Event

Grow your customer portfolio making sure that only the people who truly fit your products or services attend your event. Turn your event into a Lead generator.

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Eventos Lead

Events to get qualified Leads

Holding a real-time event or corporate workshops is a proven lead generation strategy for IT companies. And one of the main reasons why this is a trend is that it facilitates the explanation of the advantages of using its solutions. The company can present all the advantages in a more practical and clear way; characteristics and contours of the problems you want to solve and how your solution proposal may fit.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We already saw in the previous article the difference between MQL vs SQL, where a Lead is defined as a company / decision-maker expresses interest in acquiring our product or service. We also saw that there are several types of Lead, which, what interests us most are those qualified leads or also called hot leads, since the probability of generating transactions and converting them into customers is high. But, how can we obtain leads adapted to our business (B2B)?

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B2B Marketing Digital

B2B Digital Marketing

Before you start identifying which digital marketing strategies you should adopt, it is important that you understand that you will need, at least, 9 to 12 months of work until you start seeing good results. Contrary to popular belief, generating good leads through digital marketing is a long process that has to be adjusted and optimized through time.

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Qualified Leads

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