We already saw in the previous article the difference between MQL vs SQL, where a Lead is defined as a company / decision-maker expresses interest in acquiring our product or service. We also saw that there are several types of Lead, which, what interests us most are those qualified leads or also called hot leads, since the probability of generating transactions and converting them into customers is high. But, how can we obtain leads adapted to our business (B2B)? 

In this article we show you how!

Lead Generation is the normal process of intentional generation of leads that eventually transform them into Clients.

When we talk about Lead Generation in the B2B segment, we mainly talk about how to generate business leads for companies. Our Sales discourse must be much more structured than we do with B2C (Business to Consumer). This is because we address to managers, directors and formal positions, where our product or service will have a longer and more consistent impact on their services.

Strategies to generate B2B leads

Now that we have the concept of leads clear, let’s look at the different ways and strategies of acquiring them. In this article we will divide them into 2 methods: OFFLINE and ONLINE. 


In this method stands out the Call Center or Teleprospecting, which consists of making a series of calls to reach the right people / charge / company and arouse interest in a certain product or service. In this method, it is important to have a well-defined database and segment with intelligence.

LeadMarket stands out for having a team that is widely prepared to generate the best leads in the Iberian market. We count with an extensive database; with updated information; and we run campaigns with any solution, product or IT service. Here we also include corporate events, where the companies make the presentation of the service or product as a solution for other companies.

Other methods, more traditional, are the distribution of flyers or outdoor announcements; They may have limited productivity because they do not segment the audience that receives them.

ONLINE Methods

We are definitely in the Digital Marketing era, where we can reach many more companies, people and positions; However, that can also be a risk if we do not know how to do it. Bad communication is worse than not communicating. See our article on B2B Digital Marketing, where we tell you how to prepare a Digital Marketing strategy for companies; adequate to its mission, values ​​and audience.

LeadMarket offers an integrated service of Digital Marketing where we help you create an effective strategy and advertising materials that encourage the generation of qualified leads. Landing Page development for your event, product or advertising campaign; Community ManagerNewslettersSponsored contentSEO; among others.

In this type of method we find different ways to acquire leads, but without a doubt, one of the most used is Email Marketing, which consists in sending by email the information of our products or services; or even an invitation to seminars or events. Always keep in mind the time and day of the shipment; and consider creativity. They are essential points. (Attention to the Data Protection Law)

Other ways to generate leads can be through the optimization and positioning of your website through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or paid advertising – Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads (Recommended for B2B), Advertising in video – YouTube and actions that it generates in its social networks (Post daily).

Combination of OFFLINE and ONLINE methods

It is true that the online method takes much more force year after year, however, the offline method can be a way to differentiate ourselves from the competition. And that is why we also recommend creating strategies that include these two methods.

Using the Events strategy to promote a specific project or product of a company, it can be promoted both online with the help of social networks, e-mail marketing and paid advertising, and offline with Teleprospecting and contact companies to extend the invitation to event.

When we decide to make flyers to leave in the traditional mail of a company, we can include our website and a call-to-action for that person to enter in our page and leave his/her data for more information.

Another very good option is when your website have a session where the person must include their phone number in order to the company call back and explain the service or product (Call Back). 


It is important that, when planning a strategy to generate lead to your company, know exactly who you are going to address and where you can find them easier. Example: If you want to address your services to company directors, I recommend you to use LinkedIn as a tool to find them and then contact them. Now, if you are talking to directors of companies from countries where the LinkedIn community is low, then do not waste your time and find another way to find them (Corporate events, fairs, other popular social networks in that country).

Attention: It is important that this work is done by experts and professionals focused on this area. 

Contact us and leave that task in our hands. We are a Lead Generation specialist.