The programme for Microsoft Partners

Boost your Business enables Microsoft Partners to grow through online marketing

What it is

Microsoft and Make Marketing Magic believe every organisation needs professional and effective marketing to grow. And we understand that’s easier said than done, when you don’t have millions to spent. That’s why, in early 2017, we partnered up to design a programme that enables SMB’s to communicate effectively and grow their business.

Expand your reach

The more people you reach, the more sales opportunities you create. Based on your objectives, your Marketing Manager advises on the steps to take to expand your reach and meet your commercial objectives.

Generate more potencial business opportunities

Boost your Business helps you grow sustainably. But sometimes you simply need more sales opportunities now. Your Marketing Manager is aware of this and recommends strategies that bring in leads right away.

How it works

Marketing Manager

Define with the Marketing Manager your goals and your buyer persona


We send content to your database and we create a key players list; ambassadors who will share your content with their online network

Online channels

We publish content on your website and share blogs via your business social media accounts


Every two weeks, this writer creates blogs based on your knowledge and experience

Give your business a boost

Learn all about the Microsoft co-funding

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