The right audience

At LeadMarket we are experts at acquiring the right audience and organizaing your event

Grow the number of qualified registrations

Grow your customer portfolio with the right audience attendance at your event

Power your database

If you already have a database, our inside sales team will work in qualifying it and powering it for your event

Elevate your event’s communication

If you want to power the brand awareness of your event, LeadMarket also provides digital marketing solutions that will complement your project



Needs and goals assessment


Database segmentation, script and email development; locations and contents proposals


Project activation, by training the inside sales team and by preparing the event


Daily registration report and final report

3 reasons to choose us



Our database allows us to generate the right audience for your event


We assure the processes so that your event is a true success


All procedures are conclude before your event’s date

Have a successful event

Reach out to us and find out all the details of our events solution

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