Business Opportunities

At LeadMarket we are experts at being the bridge between your product or service and the companies who really have a need for it

Launch your product or service

The best way to launch a new product or service is approaching the decision makers that are within your company’s target

Receive a new approach to your database

If you already have a database, our inside sales team will work it in order to gain new business opportunities

Customize your project

All project resources are customizable, from the scripts to the emails, so that everything is in order with your company’s branding



Needs and goals assessment


Database segmentation, script and email development


Project activation, by training the inside sales team


Daily report and final opportunities report

3 reasons to choose us


Qualified Leads

All generated leads have shown interest and a necessity towards your product or service


All leads are delivered in the time-frame initially defined


Our database is in constant update, which allows a better project optimization

Grow your sales pipeline

Reach out to us and find out all the details of our lead generation solution

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